Be Happy. Be an Empath. Love your life.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to…

Know which emotions are yours, and which belong to others?

Reclaim your life and follow your dreams?

Hone your empath gifts to help others even more in your biz?

Are you frustrated because emotions bombard you constantly, leaving you feeling like you want to just crawl out of your skin?

Are you so wrapped up in emotional overwhelm that your own life has been put on hold?  Empaths are you suffering from FDD “Fun Deficit Disorder”?

Can you say yes to the following

  • Switch from happiness to sadness in a blink of an eye?
  • Enter a room and feel the energy from everyone in it?
  • Feel knocked down and like the weight of the world is crashing down around you?
  • When someone asks you what’s the matter, why are you angry, sad, upset,etc and the immediate response is I DON’T KNOW, then that is an indicator you are carrying around others emotions.

If this is you, you are definitely NOT crazy!!!

Many empaths feel like they are crazy and nobody understands what is going on with them. I spent years  thinking I was crazy, if you’re wondering if your an empath or crazy and you  would like support, join me over a virtual cup of coffee in the Empath Cafe, just connect to be heard and understood, set up a time here .

I am here to tell YOU that can all change. You can create your life and your biz, be happy AND be an empath. It is a gift although some days it can feel like the pits of hell. Isn’t it time to change that? To be in the flow instead of constantly resisting what is going on.

TriciaHomeThere are four pillars to being an empath

1- Emotional~ Feeling everyone’s shit

2- Physical ~ Actually feeling their pains in your body

3- Mental ~ Being in a fog unable to make any decisions

4- Spiritual ~ How you handle being an empath.

What is your mindset about this? Maybe you cannot think straight due to carrying around everyone else’s emotional baggage.

It can feel like you are in quick sand and all of your thoughts and dreams are all mushed together with everyone else’s leaving you feeling uncertain and confused.

It’s time to stop being sick and tired of what your life has become, CREATE a life and biz starring YOU!

Time to BE happy and BE an empath! It can be done.

fireplace9My name is Tricia Dycka and I know exactly where you are. I have been there. I had no idea which way to turn or even if I wanted to continue – It just felt like too much to handle! How many times I felt like a train wreck, my eyes were swollen from crying, not understanding that what I was feeling was NOT mine.  You couldn’t tell me anything while in the midst of another emotional wave from hell.  I thought the men in white coats were coming for me.  I was hiding from the world because I didn’t want anyone to know that I was a hot mess and my world was crumbling down around me. It was then I realized my empath gifts skyrocketed and to add insult to injury I started hearing voices with those emotions.  Wow could this shit get any harder?

But I am here to tell you: You CAN create the life and biz of your dreams!

You know you have greatness inside of you.

It’s just that you feel unsure how to get to your greatness while all this bullshit is happening!

You are riding the emotional roller coaster.

As empaths, we feel SO much.

It’s so intense that at times it can bring you to your knees!

With specific now tools in place, I have figured out which emotions are mine and which belong to others.

And I can help you do the same!

What if you really CAN know what is yours?

What if you knew you could simply ask for lighter energy daily?

What if you allowed your gifts to grow so you can help others through your biz?

Are you ready to figure it all out and take control of your life?

Be happy. Be an empath. Create your life.