Empaths is it time to JUMP off your emotional roller coaster?

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to know what emotions are yours and what belongs to others? Reclaim your life and follow your dreams.  Hone your empath gifts to help more people.

Sure you may be in midst of another emotional meltdown, and life just absolutely sucks.

What sparked this downward spiral? And is it really yours?

Do you switch from happiness to sadness in a blink of an eye?  Go into a room and feel like the air has been sucked out of it? Feeling knocked down and the weight of the world is crashing down around you?

Maybe your biz has had zero results.  You cannot think straight, carrying around everyone’s emotional shit

Maybe you began calling yourself names and beating yourself up because you do not have want you want out of life. The big L—loser and it just became a habit that you can’t shake.

Some of your dreams are becoming puffs of smoke. And that sucks.

No more letting weeks flying by staying in the same pattern.

It’s time to stop being sick and tired of what your life has become and CREATE a life that has you being center stage and feeling damn good about it!.

My name is Tricia Dycka and I know exactly where you are. I have been there. I had no idea which way to turn or even if I wanted to continue, it was so much.

Tricia Dycka

You can create the life and biz of your dreams.

You know you have greatness inside of you.


You might be completely unsure how to get to your greatness while all this bullshit is happening you are on the emotional roller coaster thinking you don’t deserve it.

As an empath we feel too much, we take on everyone’s emotional baggage and their physical issues.  It will bring you to your knees, putting tools in place has helped me know what emotions are mine and what belongs to others.

Are you ready to figure it out and take control of your life?

What if you can really know what is yours?

What if your gifts are growing so you can help others through your biz?

What if you just asked for lighter energy daily?