I’m Tricia Dycka

I am a lover of coffee, chocolate, wine, most things sci-fi and being present in my life.  Enjoying life with my husband is high on my list. I am an author, teacher and intuitive healer.

I have always been an empath; however, four years ago my gifts grew.

For a while I was a train wreck. And, to add insult to injury, I was the one who had asked for my gifts to grow!

As they grew I felt waves of emotions crashing down on me – fear, anger, loneliness, feeling unwanted, depression…the list goes on and on. I was on emotional overload. I was hiding –  afraid the men in white coats were coming to take my ass away!

You see, I love people and being around people, so this hiding in my house with barely any interaction had me a bit stir crazy.

I really thought I was alone in what was going on.

I felt that I was losing touch with reality. I was scared.

I was hearing voices that held these waves of emotion, and that expressed the physical pain of others.

Out of the blue my hips or feet would hurt, and I knew I had done nothing to cause this pain.

This of course all happened around the holidays, my favorite time of year! Except this year I found myself not caring – and if it were possible I would not have gone out at all. When I did go out I had a smile on my face but felt totally vacant inside. Nobody knew but my hubby (poor guy), and he stood by me as I had one emotional meltdown after another. When he asked what was wrong, all I could say was: “I don’t know.”

This went on for roughly two months before I finally ASKED for help.

And help came! It arrived in the form of information. Friends started telling me they had messages for me and needed to talk to me.

And so I picked up myself up with help from the universe and my friends.

Now anytime I am looking to expand, I ask the universe for all my gifts to be integrated in an easy, fun and effortless way. I understand there will be some challenges, but never again will I hit the floor and almost stay down in defeat!

I have learned to put symbols and resources in place as tools to help me utilize my empath gifts without overwhelm.

Every day I ask for help from the universe and from earth.

Every day I fine-tune how I respond to what is happening.

So -if you feel miserable and scared I totally understand. I get it. I get you!

I am here to help you:

  • Learn about your gifts and then move forward to declare to the universe what you want from life – and get it!
  • Hone your gifts in order to help others live life they truly want!

I have truly learned that this empathic ability is meant as a gift, and that we empaths are here to live life fully, experience our dreams and have fun!

Your heart is free… have the courage to follow it.