Empath morning meditation 

Are you sick and tired of being drained by the end of each day?

Do you often confuse other people’s emotions and take them on as your own?

Are you ready Now to change that!!

If that’s a big resounding Yes


I want to share with you the One Thing that helped me see that being an empath was a gift

I created this effective meditation for myself when my empath gifts grew as I was having a really hard time figuring out which emotions were mine and which were other peoples.

now use this simple yet effective meditation every morning to give me a sense of deep peace within before starting my often hectic day.

morning meditation pic

How it will help you:

✓ Creates peace within if done daily.

✓ Reduces stress and anxiety.

✓ You’ll know what emotions are truly yours leading to feeling lighter and not having the weight of other people’s emotions on your shoulders

✓ Helps ground your energy to find more balance daily.

✓ Clear your energetic field of any emotions that you may have held onto.

✓ Sending out intentions to wherever you may need to go that day.

✓ Promote your own happiness as you get to know what is not yours.

Along with this meditation you’ll also receive powerful “I am” statements to supercharge your gifts.

Buy it Now if you want to step into the super powers your empath gifts have to offer.

This meditation is available for only $7.95

Empath Daily Rituals & Journal

Are you an Empath?

Do you feel scattered and overwhelmed on a daily basis?

How often do you feel physical issues, emotional issues or mental issues that are not yours but they feel so real you may confuse them as your own?

Do you feel like you are on the emotional roller coaster from hell?

Tired of feeling crazy all the time because of all this energy you feel, questioning if you are even feeling it or is it all made up in your head?

When my empath gifts grew I was bouncing all over the emotional scale. The mental, physical and emotional parts of being an empath were kicking my ass.

I started creating daily rituals to help me stay focused and find peace.  Hiding from the world and trying to stay away from others so it wouldn’t affect me was not working.  I could be at home with nobody around and still feel what was going on.  So I did something better for myself and created rituals I use daily. This is another way to start my day so when I start to feel things that do not belong to me I am already to let it flow through me or stop the stories in its tracks.

Do you find yourself being run over with everyone else baggage?  At times you will not even know what is yours and what is theirs. When this happens your own life takes a back seat and you are just trying to survive, barely keeping your head above water.

Your emotional state becomes doubtful, uncertain, indecisive, unsure, tense and very distracted and stressful and at times helplessness can overcome you.

Do you have any daily rituals in place that will guide you in the right direction?

If you are ready for the next step


This journal will guide you into taking action to building the life you want.

The next step in Being an empath, being happy and Loving your life.

By setting a small amount of time every day you will notice magnificent changes in how you handle the emotional overwhelm. It will stop controlling you.

daily journal

This journal will help you to create choices in your life that will:

  • Set intentions daily for your personal and biz life having a feeling of being centered.
  • Handle the emotional overwhelm.
  • Ask the questions that will enable you to choose not to get caught up in the crap.
  • Stop the stories that are created to make sense of the emotions that you feel.
  • Stay in touch with yourself and what is going on in your life, not everyone else’s
  • Create a life that you want.
  • Learn to create new stories.
  • Promotes understanding yourself at a whole new level.
  • Stop the monkey mind chatter and find your center faster.
  • I am statements to bring you back into the present.
  • Inspired words that help you gain balance.
  • Stop having the life sucked out of you and start living again.
  • Bring the fun back into your life again.

Create a new journey, a new life, understanding your gift in a whole new level.  Creating empowering rituals that will support you and your life.

Buy Now for $19.95