Tricia, does it ever get old to think that stars align, energy shifts, and time bends to create moments in time for you to enter and ask just the right questions to just the person in need? I hope not. Last Friday, you totally pried my subconscious thinking out like hair from one those shower caps used for home high lights kits. You challenged me to release throat lumping fears. Rebuilding my life and establishing my own entrepreneurial service based business leaves me feeling like a squirrel in headlights most of the time. You powerfully posed one question in particular that continues to marinate with me. You gave me 5 action pieces to begin empowering my life immediately. This is where it really gets good! The next day after our session, I found a field and certification program I never knew existed. A Food & Spirit certification blending exactly what I’ve been doing the last 4 years, but couldn’t find a community for; my peeps.

Our session together is responsible for the missing puzzle piece to define my entire business. You knock, rocked, and rolled obstacles and fear to the floor last Friday. Thank you doesn’t exactly cut it, does it? Much love, light, laughter, and conscious cooking!

Rachael J. Avery

The Grateful Pantry

Tricia has been an invaluable source of support for me while planning and launching my virtual institute.  She gave me practical advice on dealing with my own nagging doubts and the doubts of others around me.  She even advised me on logistical questions about starting a business online.  If you are starting your own business and looking for support and strategies that really work, I highly recommend Tricia.

Jennifer L Shelton


Tricia Dycka has a real gift. After having known her for several years, I realize that Tricia’s greatest strength is her ability to see the things that are in our path and blocking our success – often it’s things that we are missing entirely. Get out of your own way and hire Tricia to make the biggest gains in both your professional and personal life!

Liz Nonnemacher

Wickedly Chic

Tricia is an amazing healer. Within the first few minutes of our session, I could feel things shifting and moving that had been stuck for a long time. She saw the presence of one of my grandmothers that has helped me understand some things that have always caused me to have some very strong limiting beliefs and held me back. At the end of the session, I felt a peacefulness that I didn’t know was possible anymore and I was able to let some things go. I’m amazed at how quickly Tricia was able to target things I hadn’t even mentioned and the healing it brought to my life.

Lori Latimer

Lori Latimer

Tricia Dycka has a laser-like ability to hone in on what is really going on in a person’s life. By just having a conversation with her, she is able to determine if your perception of a situation is off and what the true purpose of an event in your life is. She picks up on people’s actions, their beliefs and motivations. She can tell you if someone in your life is being dishonest and how their role in your life affects you. I highly recommend a session with Tricia, her perception is eye opening!

Cindy Readnower

Skinny Leopard Media

I worked with Tricia when my life was in a big transition. I was still mourning my divorce; I wasn’t sleeping at all and had lost a couple long term clients. I actually started looking for a job. After the first session, I had 2 new clients hire me. I also was invited to submit a proposal for a long-term project with an agency. After the second session, I released a lot of the sadness and guilt around the end of my marriage. By the third session, I was really busy in my business again and had been hired by the agency too. Life was so much better and I felt a release I hadn’t felt in years. I would recommend anyone who is looking to release or move on in their life to hire Tricia. You will be so happy that you did.

Janet DaPirano

The Social Media Queen

What can you say about a person who has been supportive of you and your goals? What can you say to that person? I say: Thank you Tricia for being so supportive. Thank you Tricia for trusting in my abilities. Thank you Tricia for your advice and your friendship. Thank you Tricia for listening to my occasional rants and not telling me I’m off base – truly listening. Thank you Tricia for making me laugh – just when I need it. Thank you Tricia for letting me joke with you (I still don’t get the need for coffee thing). Thank you Tricia for YOU.

Liz LaClair

Virtually Helps

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Tricia Dycka for the past couple of years. Tricia is one of the most intuitive coaches I’ve ever met. She has really helped me clarify my offerings and cut through all the crap and helped me work through moments of self doubt. Her gift is that she truly listens to you at a really deep soul level. When I experienced this for the first time, it was so powerful to have someone hold that space for me and give me clear step by step instructions. She really understood where I was at & what I’d been struggling & getting overwhelmed with – the outcome was priceless. Tricia sees things from a higher perspective and will guide you towards your goals and keep you accountable to step into your purpose.

Mary Joyce

Resources Queen

Tricia Dycka delivers! She brings her insight, her experience, and perhaps most importantly, her compassion to the sessions, in which she is fully present and listens deeply. She did not impose her viewpoint, but instead, allowed me to express mine, and then gently offered tools and suggestions to expand my awareness. She supported my getting “unstuck” and helped me shift perspective so I could continue to pursue my passion and live my purpose.

Kaci Christian

The WE Conference

Tricia has helped me tremendously as an empath! I was in a toxic friendship and I couldn’t really see it or decipher what was mine and what I was holding on to that was the other persons.  Tricia helped me to decipher my true needs and feelings about how I wanted things to look in MY life.  I felt true comfort and support, in non-judgmental and caring communication with Tricia and was able to break free of a narcissistic / empath connection that was having a negative impact on my energy, thoughts, mindset and even my physical body. Since this amazing shift in my life I have had a creative burst in my business, my family life is lighter and easier to manage and I have lost a healthy 20lbs! Thank you Tricia for your guidance and expertise in the empath realm!! I highly recommend Tricia’s guidance to any empath that feels they need to shift something in their energy space.

Jessica Marie Lang

Crystal Sensation LLC