Empath Clarity Session

Are you feeling that emotions are weighing you down?

Do you feel off kilter daily, longing for the days of peace and happiness?

Do you want to know how to deal with being an empath?

Signs that your empath gifts are growing

If you are like me you may be currently having these experiences

Learn how to work with this incredible gift.

When my gifts grew I was often disoriented and very vulnerable. I would wonder which emotion was going to come and have a party in my body. What was even worse was in the beginning I thought it was all MINE. I was filled with anxiety and constant heartache, questioning my intuition.

How often are you confusing what emotions are really yours?

Are you finding yourself extremely overwhelmed, and constantly doubting yourself.

I remember during my journey fall down the rabbit hole, I stood looking in the mirror asking the universe for help.

For all the details : http://www.triciadycka.com/empath-clarity-session/

Tricia has been an invaluable source of support for me while planning and launching my virtual institute.  She gave me practical advice on dealing with my own nagging doubts and the doubts of others around me.  She even advised me on logistical questions about starting a business online.  If you are starting your own business and looking for support and strategies that really work, I highly recommend Tricia.

Jennifer Shelton

Fem Central

Be Happy. Be an Empath. Love your life.

Last Friday, you totally pried my subconscious thinking out like hair from one those shower caps used for home high lights kits. You challenged me to release throat lumping fears. Rebuilding my life and establishing my own entrepreneurial service based business leaves me feeling like a squirrel in headlights most of the time. You powerfully posed one question in particular that continues to marinate with me. You gave me 5 action pieces to begin empowering my life immediately. This is where it really gets good! The next day after our session, I found a field and certification program I never knew existed. A Food & Spirit certification blending exactly what I’ve been doing the last 4 years, but couldn’t find a community for my peeps.

Our session together is responsible for the missing puzzle piece to define my entire business. You knock, rocked, and rolled obstacles and fear to the floor last Friday. Thank you doesn’t exactly cut it, does it? Much love, light, laughter, and conscious cooking!

Rachael J. Avery

The Grateful Pantry

Empowered Empath Reclaim your Essence

Being an empath is a Super Power – Time to claim back your power

Do you want more clients but you are overwhelmed with fatigue? When you hang up from your coaching call you are totally drained like a wet noodle?

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and life feels like a burden?

Trying to keep up with your family, your work, your clients or your life and it feels too much.

Several years ago my life was a hot mess. I spent more time crying or just trying to make it through the day.  That wasn’t living that was just surviving, and it SUCKED!!!  My poor hubby had no idea how to help me, Hell I had no idea what to do. I didn’t understand that I was an empath.  An empath is someone who feels the world at such a deep level that it will affect you mentally, emotionally, and/or physically.  Once I did though, my life became calm in a sea of turbulence.  It took consistency, practice, and creating tools so I could understand what I was feeling was NOT even mine.  WTF? Not even mine? Yes you read that right.

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