Empath Clarity Session

Are you feeling that emotions are weighing you down?

Do you feel off kilter daily, longing for the days of peace and happiness?

Do you want to know how to deal with being an empath?

Signs that your empath gifts are growing

If you are like me you may be currently having these experiences

Learn how to work with this incredible gift.

When my gifts grew I was often disoriented and very vulnerable. I would wonder which emotion was going to come and have a party in my body. What was even worse was in the beginning I thought it was all MINE. I was filled with anxiety and constant heartache, questioning my intuition.

How often are you confusing what emotions are really yours?

Are you finding yourself extremely overwhelmed, and constantly doubting yourself.

I remember during my journey fall down the rabbit hole, I stood looking in the mirror asking the universe for help.

I was tired so of struggling and always feeling like I was being dragged under. It felt like there was no relief or end in sight.

The universe responded. I was being shown exactly how to deal with everything that was coming into my body.

There is one area physical, mental, emotional or spiritual that affects you the most as an empath.

Physical is actually feeling others aches and pains in your body.

Emotional is actually feeling exactly what others are feeling. The good and the bad.

Mental is an empath fog, where stringing together a sentence may seem hard or making a decision is difficult.

Spiritual is how you respond to being an empath and life.

If you are ready for the next step join me for Empath Clarity Session.

You will walk away with

  • Knowing what emotions/feelings are yours and which ones are your gifts aka superpowers.
  • Go through the one area (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual that affects you as an empath) and put tools in place so you feel secure.
  • No more constant indecision.
  • Connection with your intuition and your sense of knowing about you.
  • Starting on a path towards being in control again.
  • Learn how to start your day grounded and in control.

Most importantly you are ready to have more peace in your life and stop stressing over the next wave of emotions that will come over you.

Buy now for an hour with me $147.00

Hell Yea!

Tricia has been an invaluable source of support for me while planning and launching my virtual institute.  She gave me practical advice on dealing with my own nagging doubts and the doubts of others around me.  She even advised me on logistical questions about starting a business online.  If you are starting your own business and looking for support and strategies that really work, I highly recommend Tricia.

Jennifer Shelton

Fem Central

Be Happy. Be an Empath. Love your life.

Do you feel you are cursed because you are an empath?

Being an empath and a biz owner can be difficult. Does it feel like the life is being sucked out you?

Do you keep asking yourself, is this all there is to life?

How often do you feel that you are in quicksand, feeling uncertain, questioning which way to turn and taking all these feelings as your own?

Do you often ask yourself if you are crazy?  If this is really happening or maybe you are just making this up in your head.

OKAY Say Goodbye to that crap. You’re done with all that.

It is TIME to let these emotions roll through you and live life on your YOUR TERMS!

YES you are meant to BE Happy, Love your Life, and Be an Empath

YES this is a gift! YES you can get a handle on it and have it help you

Look I know what you are going through HOW??!! I have been there.  I had the meltdown to beat all meltdowns; you know the one where I was on a tire sliding down a hill faster then a speeding bullet. You see I got stuck in the mindset of everything just sucked.  I alienated myself from everyone, lost my passion for everything and just going through the motions.  I had no idea what was happening, I was switching emotions super fast, going from one end of the spectrum to the other, I was completely LOST.  I stayed in my house hiding, my biz was lost in the mayhem, I was just trying to keep my head above water. I love being around people and every time I was, I couldn’t get away fast enough.  Till I Decided that it was time to pull head out of the sand and get it together because I had a life to live and experience and this was not it.  I refuse to look back at my life and REGRET!!!!



 You are READY for a change!!  Your Life, Your Way…

Every Day! Yes It can happen. 

Last Friday, you totally pried my subconscious thinking out like hair from one those shower caps used for home high lights kits. You challenged me to release throat lumping fears. Rebuilding my life and establishing my own entrepreneurial service based business leaves me feeling like a squirrel in headlights most of the time. You powerfully posed one question in particular that continues to marinate with me. You gave me 5 action pieces to begin empowering my life immediately. This is where it really gets good! The next day after our session, I found a field and certification program I never knew existed. A Food & Spirit certification blending exactly what I’ve been doing the last 4 years, but couldn’t find a community for my peeps.

Our session together is responsible for the missing puzzle piece to define my entire business. You knock, rocked, and rolled obstacles and fear to the floor last Friday. Thank you doesn’t exactly cut it, does it? Much love, light, laughter, and conscious cooking!

Rachael J. Avery

The Grateful Pantry

Reclaim your Life VIP package ~ Monthly or Quarterly 

  • This package will be geared around YOU and what you need.
  • Know what is yours and what belongs to others so it does not affect your daily life and biz
  • Pull out of the emotional quicksand, create a life that ROCKS and a business you LOVE
  • Have a crystal clear idea of what it is you REALLY want to do and the balls to go for it.
  • Tap into your passion & creativity which will give you new ideas and have your biz moving forward again
  • Receive the results you deserve, happiness, excitement and of course your peace of mind.
  • Knowing the action you take today will open you up to vibrant opportunities.
  • Loving who you are in this moment and excited to create magic for yourself.
  • Move past the shit that holds you back and smothers the life out of you.
  • Reframe what is, know that you not crazy
  • Learn to handle your other gifts.

With this program you will receive:

3 calls per month, 45 minutes each

MP3 recordings of calls

Meditations, visualizations and journaling

Email access when you feel like you are in a whirlwind of doubt and insecurity.

Reclaim Your Life VIP Package Monthly

Hell Yea!

Tricia Dycka has a laser-like ability to hone in on what is really going on in a person’s life. By just having a conversation with her, she is able to determine if your perception of a situation is off and what the true purpose of an event in your life is. She picks up on people’s actions, their beliefs and motivations. She can tell you if someone in your life is being dishonest and how their role in your life affects you. I highly recommend a session with Tricia, her perception is eye opening!

Cindy Readnower

Skinny Leopard Media

Join me over a virtual coffee in the Empath Cafe, just connect to be heard and understood email me tricia@triciadycka.com so we can set up a time. Let’s get you out of the emotional quicksand and on towards a KICK ASS LIFE!!!

We will create the perfect fun, inspired action plan designed just for you.